Love Trumps Hate Worldwide

The first day in Wellington, as Becca and I explored the city, we ran into a huge demonstration. People waved signs about women’s rights, signs protesting human rights violations, and even signs the read “not my president.” It seems that Trumps inauguration caused waves of disapproval worldwide, even as far as New Zealand.

Becca and I decided to stop and talk with some Kiwis and get their take on the situation. It appears that New Zealand has elections coming up, and is in a similarly precarious place politically. Anti-immigrant rhetoric has taken root here as well, as the locals worry that Trump’s presidency will embolden the hardliners, the xenophobes, and the bigots.

We spoke with a woman named Barbara, who explained that the march here in Wellington was centered on positivity, and so, she refused to call it an “anti” Trump march, but rather, a march to rally around positive energy. She also explained, that as a mother, she was hearing from her children their concerns about how a man like Trump could become president. Her protest was in the spirit of showing her kids that when someone like Trump comes to power, it’s up to people to band together and stand up to him.

America, the next four years might be rough, but the world is with you.





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