A Short Guide to Bangkok

I’ve had two absolutely unbelievable experiences in Bangkok; a city that tends to bring people back on a regular basis, or sends them running for the hills. As such, I feel like I’ve got something to say on the subject. If you're looking for stuff to do, and things to see, here's my advice:   … Continue reading A Short Guide to Bangkok


Cats On Ice

Consider survival traits: toughness, quickness, stealthy-ness, etc. The last one we usually consider is cuteness. Cuteness may only work on humans, but it has the strange, inexplicable effect of making us docile, subservient even. You might imagine that you’re in control, because your pet is, well, your pet, and you, refer to yourself as “owner” or “master.” … Continue reading Cats On Ice


Most of you don't realize this, but there is a sacred bond between chopsticks. and their owners. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve used plenty of chop sticks, at plenty of restaurants, and that’s just not true.” Pah! You’ve only had imitation chopsticks, the disposable kind made of balsa wood, or some other cheap and mass … Continue reading Chopsticks