One Way Ticket


Hello friend! I’m Eric, but you can call me E.

 Welcome to my blog. You’re probably here because you either know me, you stumbled your way here, or you’re snooping on your girlfriend’s laptop, and this just happened to be open (shame on you, you sneaky bastard).

Regardless. Now that I have you, captive, I’ll be wanting to get some things off my chest. There is a reason I made this blog. But before I get into that, here are a few things about me:

I’m a  storyteller, I’m a traveler,  I dabble in debauchery, and incidentally, I’m a minimalist.

One month ago I was on track for a life in Los Angeles. A life of diligent pragmatism was in my future.

Now, I’m holding a one-way ticket to Thailand and I’ve sold all my possessions, save for what I can carry in a backpack and suitcase.

Life is weird, and life’s messy, but one thing is certain—you always have a choice. I made mine when I took stock of what I wanted to be doing versus what I was actually doing. I like to think I write, but in reality, there was precious little of that going on.

I’m also stricken a crippling case of wanderlust, but travelling was looking like it would only happen two weeks a year for the foreseeable future (provided I could find a good enough salary). I don’t see the world that way. I don’t see the U.S. as the only place where serious careers are forged, and the rest of the world as some playground to be experienced in small doses.

As someone who writes, I’m obsessed with the question of where stories come from. I’m seeking  the source, the wellspring of inspiration, as it were. I’m hunting for the perfect mix between cultivating creativity and a life of travel, and movement. So, I created this blog as an experiment.

From here on out, I intend to throw myself into the messiness of life, delving deep and dark for the morsels of truth that make up the meal of fiction. When I find them, I’ll post them, fact, and sometimes fiction, and in that way, I’ll share this journey with you.

So, here it is, my promise to write about my travels, sprinkling in the best fiction I can muster, for as long as I’m out here. I also plan to find work, and adventures worth having, people and their stories, and tips for the would-be/could-be travelers.

We are all unraveling our narratives and weaving our own fictions; this blog will be woven from my own tangled threads and crossed wires. Should be an enjoyable train-wreck. I invite you along for the ride.



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